After being impressed with some cool PWC stunt videos and an overwhelming urge to show off some of the cool stuff we do out here on Kwaj, I picked up a helmetcam from Xtreme Recall.

Devin wearing helmetcam rig

My setup

I picked the Elura 50 because it was cheap, supported a LANC remote and had decent reviews. The optics aren't great compared to current camcorders, but I'll be using the helmetcam for optics anyway. Being out of production and a little obsolete, I managed to pick it up for $200, which won't hurt to bad, when I finally do something stupid enough to kill it. The guys at Xtreme Recall recommended the Sony HC 32 or Sony PC 109 for the ideal waterproof helmetcam setup when I talked to them about what to get after my riding buddy decided to pick one up.


The Waterproof LANC is pretty key to everything, make sure you get a camcorder that supports a LANC remote, a lot of newer ones don't seem to support them. The remote I got was the only waterproof one I could find at the time, and was just a normal one they dunked in some clear rubbery coating, which I think you can get from Xtreme Recall now too. I ended up cutting the cable and extending it about 2 feet, be careful and get some good heatshrink with adhesive inside if your going to try that. I initially mounted the remote on my glove, but later moved it up to the underside of the visor on the helmet. There the little status LED is at the edge of my vision all the time for a quick glance.


Here's the video I've managed to edit together so far.


After a few runs with the cam, I experienced a failure in the wiring harness, and haven't gotten a replacement yet. The guys at Xtreme Recall have been pretty good, a little slow in communication and shipping, but knowledgeable.